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Ana's Story

Ana is she’s the protagonist of the ZStrip Comic. She’s pretty; she’s silly, but she’s also serious, flawed, ferocious and determined. She was created to remind women we were never meant to be perfect. 

ZStrip is published monthly in Gloss fashion magazine and Bukla book review magazine in Slovenia. It was published as a book (Knjiga za velike punce) in 2018 by Mladinska knjiga Založba

Me & My Story

I'm a sociologist, novelist, shadow writer, marketing manager, PR consultant and more, if the need be. As long as it has to do with words. 'Cause words... well, they can create worlds.


I live in Slovenia, a pocket-size country of 2 million people that pretty much can't agree on anything, except that they share an extraordinary literary history. Imagine keeping a language that only a handful of people speak (the same population as Houston in USA has or Lyon in France, or two towns of Birmingham, UK) alive - it makes for a unique bunch of people. Anyway, if you've never heard of Slovene language, it's not surprising at all - go ahead and google it. And where to find Slovenia? It lies in the middle of Europe by the Adriatic Sea, squeezed in between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. All larger, better known countries that have tried at some time or another to "invite" Slovenia to join them.


What do I do? I write. About everything that might have to do with women in the modern society. Most of all I'm fascinated by the bipolar character of modern women, their the divide between personal and creative engagement in society on one hand and being a stronghold of family life, mothers, on the other. Perhaps 'fascinated' in not the right word, frustrated might be better, as I am one of them myself.

Živa Šorn

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Ziva Sorn's second book, Knjiga za velike punce. Published in 2018 by Mladinska Knjiga Založba publishing.

Ziva Sorn's first novel - Mamamorphosis (in sl: Mamamorfoza), published in 2012 by Didakta publishing house.


  • Novel Mamamorphosis (orig.: Mamamorfoza) published in November 2012 (Didakta Publishing house and Med.Over.Net Institute);
  • Short story Me & Myself (orig.: Prijatljelja spoznaš v nesreči) published in august 2012 in Nika (national newspaper Dnevnik's magazine);
  • Columnist for Slovenia's largest family webiste: ringaraja.net;
  • Columnist for political magazine Mladina;